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Masculine Men Character Art

From Las Vegas, Nevada comes male art for business or commercial use in places of work.

You receive a physical reproduction (as compared to a downloadable digital product) which is suitable for hanging on a wall showing a masculine male character who is inspiring, uplifting and engaging. The character is a confident, active and vital man.

Your physical reproduction will be created just for you from your description and specifications. You specify the physical traits of the male character (physically-fit, muscular, overweight, thin, young, mature, etc.) and his costuming. The end result is you get a customized, one-of-a-kind physical reproduction made just for you.

Digital product downloads and physical reproductions created by artist Madeira Desouza are available at affordable prices.

The face of the male character will be created from a source image that you provide. The result is an original art image for business or commercial usage of a male character whose face resembles the source image you provided.

source to render comparison
Instead of providing a source image, you can also choose from a preconfigured male face.

second canvas example

No images include nudity. But your fully-customized image can show the male character as shirtless and/or wearing a costume, underwear, athletic shorts, swim trunks and such.

Hawaiian male hula dancer

These artworks can be used as an integral component of the interior design at a place of business to set a specific tone or develop a particular theme. You can also order the male character art image inserted into your business marketing/promotional products such as bags, drinkware, hats and clothing.

Here are just a few examples of places of business where this commercial artwork will work best:

  • automotive businesses
  • barbers
  • cocktail lounges and bars
  • clothing and accessories sales
  • grooming services
  • hair and nail services
  • men’s fitness/health/wellness services
  • tattoos for men
  • themed restaurants or food service companies
  • vitamins and supplements for men
male model reclining

These masculine men character artworks are also just perfect beyond workplaces for the walls inside private residences.

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For more information and to learn how to place an order, contact Las Vegas artist Madeira Desouza — artist@male.gallery

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