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Masculine Men Character Art

From Las Vegas, Nevada comes male art for business or commercial use in places of work.

You receive a physical reproduction (as compared to a downloadable digital product) which is suitable for hanging on a wall showing a masculine male character who is inspiring, uplifting and engaging. The character is a confident, active and vital man.

Your physical reproduction will be created just for you from your description and specifications. You specify the physical traits of the male character (physically-fit, muscular, overweight, thin, young, mature, etc.) and his costuming. The end result is you get a customized, one-of-a-kind physical reproduction made just for you.

The face of the male character will be created from a source image that you provide. The result is an original art image for business or commercial usage of a male character whose face resembles the source image you provided.

source to render comparison
Instead of providing a source image, you can also choose from a preconfigured male face.

second canvas example

No images include male nudity unless you request male nudity when you place your order. Your fully-customized image can show the male character as shirtless and/or wearing a costume, underwear, athletic shorts, swim trunks and such.

Hawaiian male hula dancer

These artworks can be used as an integral component of the interior design at a place of business to set a specific tone or develop a particular theme. You can also order the male character art image inserted into your business marketing/promotional products such as bags, drinkware, hats and clothing. See the clear and straightforward prices listed below for masculine male art from Madeira Desouza.

Here are just a few examples of places of business where this commercial artwork will work best:

** automotive businesses
** barbers
** cocktail lounges and bars
** clothing and accessories sales
** grooming services for men
** hair and nail services for men
** men’s fitness/health/wellness services
** tattoos for men
** tourism and accommodations for men
** themed restaurants or food service companies for men
** vitamins and supplements for men
** workout gyms for men

male model reclining

These masculine men character artworks are also just perfect beyond workplaces for the walls inside private residences.

— Physical Reproductions —

If you are looking for masculine male wall art you should consider unframed physical reproductions of Madeira Desouza works which are ready to be mounted on a wall in your residence or workplace. Reproductions are created by the artist personally and manually from a custom order placed by you. It is entirely up to you what image appears in each of the individual reproductions. What you receive will be a unique, one-of-a-kind unframed reproduction that nobody on Earth has in their collection. You can, of course, pay for framing to be done for Madeira Desouza reproductions at a local framing business near where you live.

square reproduction mockup
— Square Reproductions —

Start first with selecting a specific image you want to appear in the square reproduction. This mockup shows a digital image of a cowboy reproduced in the square format and shown in context mounted on the wall of a room. Three sizes of squares are available measured in inches (8 x 8, 12 x 12 or 16 x 16). You specify what images appear in each square. These square format reproductions are available only in packs of 6, 9, or 12 squares but not as single squares. The layout you use when you mount the square reproductions on your wall is entirely up to your imagination.

physical reproduction6-pack8 x 8 inch squares$180 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack8 x 8 inch squares$270 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack8 x 8 inch squares$360 for 12 squaresunframed
physical reproduction6-pack12 x 12 inch squares$300 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack12 x 12 inch squares$450 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack12 x 12 inch squares$600 for 12 squaresunframed
physical reproduction6-pack16 x 16 inch squares$480 for 6 squaresunframed
physical reproduction9-pack16 x 16 inch squares$720 for 9 squaresunframed
physical reproduction12-pack16 x 16 inch squares$960 for 12 squaresunframed
— Rectangular Reproductions —

Individual unframed reproductions are also available in horizontal or vertical formats in varying sizes where the height and the width can be customized. Larger individual rectangular canvas or glossy print reproductions are priced higher than their square reproductions counterparts due to the increased dimensions of rectangular reproductions and the art materials that are used in production.

physical reproductionhorizontal or vertical male wall art(varies)$425 to $2,000 depending on dimensions and art materialsunframed
— Made in Las Vegas —

All the customized physical reproductions regardless of their dimensions and the digital products are made in Las Vegas by Madeira Desouza. You receive unique and original unframed physical reproductions based on your exact descriptions and specifications including the opportunity to have character faces in the image created from source photographs. You receive digital products electronically. The kind of photorealism in the one-of-a-kind visual arts from Madeira Desouza go far beyond merely using source photographs of faces.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Each artwork produced to a client’s particular specifications results in being a wholly unique visual product with the distinction of existing nowhere else in anyone’s art collection on Earth.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

— Nothing Warehoused in Inventory —

He does not personally print out the reproductions nor does he do any of the shipping and handling. There is no stock inventory of physical productions waiting in a warehouse somewhere. This means each individual reproduction is custom-made for you and shipped unframed directly to you on demand. Known as drop shipping, this is a standard business practice in the United States today. All physical reproductions are shipped unframed directly to you from a reputable printing/shipping vendor. Digital products are sent to you electronically.

— Discuss Your Project First —

You interact with artist Madeira Desouza one-to-one to provide the necessary details and specifications before he starts working on your artwork project. There are literally an infinite number of possible options for you to get exactly the artwork you want done since you get to pick what is shown in the reproductions or digital products.

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