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Sunny Day Hanging

“Sunny Day Hanging” shows the unforgettable view from below looking upward at the final moments of a doomed young man. Those of you who follow my explorations of the hanged man theme will be interested to learn this: My time travel adventure novel with the hanged man theme now includes fully explicit illustrations. It is available completely free of charge for downloading with no obligation at my website http://MadeiraDesouza.com right now. I depict mondo macho males (such as bodybuilders, cowboys and soldiers) using narrative themes that have been at the heart of the visual works of Bondageskin, Etienne, Greasetank, Hasegawa, Tagame, Tom of Finland, Ulf, and many others. . The stories and illustrations that I produce are within a USA version of the bara genre–a Japanese word that pertains to gay male same-sex feelings and sexuality identity towards masculine men with varying degrees of muscle, violence, and exploitation.

Neck Pain

A young man keeps his quarterly appointment to see his medical doctor, but catches Doc off guard by saying to him: “I feel like something’s wrong. I get an erection whenever I think about hangings.” Doc responds with, “Tell me more so I can help you. This is a new one for me.” “Well, Doc,” the young man explains, “I feel sexually aroused when I imagine a guy being hanged by the neck until dead. You know, like in the cowboy movies.” Doc says, “How long has this been going on?” “Since I was a teenager,” the young man responds. “I sometimes masturbate while fantasizing that I am watching a naked guy hanged at the gallows in the Wild West days.” Doc says, “This seems harmless enough to me. You are not actually hurting yourself or anybody else, physically, right?” “No, of course not,” the young man replies with a look of annoyance at the doctor. Realizing that he has succeeded in annoying his patient, Doc says, “Let me show you some images. I’m going to turn on my laptop here.” Doc switches on his laptop and projector. Suddenly, a large image appears projected onto one of the bright white […]

Iran crane hanging

Suspension Hangings in Iran

Also see: http://madeiradesouza.com/mondo-macho/pictures/hung/islam-hangings/         I posted this on September 26, 2011 to gay-exec-fantasies@googlegroups.com and gaynoose@googlegroups.com — two of the Google Groups to which I frequently post: Details about Iran’s use of cranes to conduct suspension hangings in public: http://dailycaller.com/2011/07/13/company-ends-contracts-with-iran-after-cranes-used-in-public-hangings/ http://bigpeace.com/elcid/2011/07/15/japanese-heavy-equipment-company-leaves-iran-over-crane-hangings/ http://chasblogspot.blogspot.com/2006/03/hanging-in-iran.html Detailed descriptions of various methods of hangings: http://www.capitalpunishmentuk.org/hanging2.html Related images:

gang hang

Gang Hang

I submitted this on August 8, 2011 to gmba2@googlegroups.com — one of the Google Groups to which I regularly post. This original illustration is entitled “Gang Hang.” I wrote this very short anecdote to accompany the posting of my illustration: He was captured by a rival gang, who decided to hang him on their steel gallows. His weight was supported by a remote-controlled platform that drops every so slowly downward. They told him he might live if his feet stayed in contact with the platform. They lied, but he was stupid enough to believe them. Meanwhile, as he struggled to save himself, the steel noose around his thick neck started squeezing the life out of him slowly but surely. The blood dripping from his mouth cannot be a good sign. The rope around his balls made certain that he would retain such a thick, massive manhood for the enjoyment of the spectators.

hung in shadows

Naked Men Hung by the Neck

This was sent August 6, 2011 by me to gay_3d_artists@yahoogroups.com announcing my science fiction eBook entitled Dare Not Ask The Dead now entitled Rough Time Treks Gay Men. Along with my original illustration entitled “Hung in Shadows” I also provided this description of Dare Not Ask The Dead: A naked cowboy gets hung in a violent ritual in Arizona just so his executioners can watch him die. A gay male is transported by a time machine from the future to the ritualistic hanging and becomes hopelessly attracted to the cowboy dancing in the hot desert air with a noose tightly squeezing the life out of him. So begins the twisted erotic relationship of a dead cowboy and a time traveler.