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Conservatives and Gay Men

Conservative commentator Bobby Eberle wrote about his anger regarding idea of sexual orientation being included in the curriculum of a California elementary school. Although he is not a medical or psychological professional, he nonetheless questions the need for educating young people about sexual orientation. Eberle’s opinions are a very 1950s way for him (or anyone) to think. I know. I was born in that decade. Eberle (and many other conservatives and members of the Grand Old Party) would probably be happier than today if somehow the 1950s could be brought back. At least GM would be worth something again! Perhaps more significantly, kids could once again learn about sex in the back seat of a GM cars like it happened back in the glorious days of the Eisenhower era. Eberle is not writing satire (what if he really were trying to be a comedian!?) But, if he truly believes that being gay is liberal ideology, I believe that this shows he must have slept through all those high school science and biology classes. Or, maybe he doesn’t believe in science or biology if it conflicts with what he chooses to believe in? Unless you happen to be a complete idiot, […]