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A Hard Movie is Good to Find

From time to time, I will suggest films for you that you can rent or buy on DVD that align with this website’s themes. Here is one for you. You already know that my stories and illustrations show masculine males in surrealistic ways using exaggerated male body traits and extreme, improbable situations and misadventures, often in danger, peril, or crisis. If such goings on appeal to you as a gay adult male, then you will want to know about an independent film available on DVD entitled Hard. I have often been bored or angered by many films that aim for us gay adult males as their target audience. Independent filmmaker John Huckert has accomplished in Hard what so many other films have failed to do: This film is unapologetic in its’ realistic depictions of crimes involving rough gay male sex and violence. But, Hard is first and foremost a crime thriller. The story deals with a closeted gay police detective, Raymond Vates, who works in Los Angeles. Vates goes after a serial killer whose male victims have been brutally assaulted sexually before being murdered. As a gay adult male, you will either hate this film or find it very appealing […]