Tie Me Up and Fuck Me

This is an illustrated story of mine from 2008 that originally appeared on my site named 3D Males, which no longer is available online. Time Me Up and Fuck Me depicts what happens when a reality television show host is bound and raped on live television.

As with many of my stories, this one is intended to be satire. It certainly does not represent what I kind of television programming that I watch. Nor is this my recommendation for what I think should exist on reality television. Although you never know what will be popular with the American viewers nowadays!

tie me up and fuck me

When I first saw him, I very much wanted to do what the title of his stupid reality television show asked. He wanted to be bound and essentially raped on a stage while the whole thing was shown on live television. He was a tease. He was sure nobody would be able to do what his show title asked. His body radiated confident sexuality. He maintained a perfectly attractive masculine look.

He was young, muscular, and oh so self-impressed. He was the kind of guy that would invite trouble, willingly, deliberately, and calculatingly. He was very good at doing so.

This must be why he created that ridiculous cable television reality show. Only in New York or LA could anyone get away with this kind of explicit self-produced television series.

Somehow, the management of the local access channel must have been smoking something real strong the day he walked in with his program concept. Maybe he charmed them. He certainly had balls. I’ll give him that. He certainly deserved props for choosing such a commandingly odd name for his show!

The show concept was simple. Just like him.

The whole idea was to provide cheap thrills. He was hot. So, the thrills would be as hot as they were cheap.

It was a free show that anyone could watch. That made it so brilliant. He would sit by himself on a very sparse set in a television studio wearing no clothes whatsoever. The television studio was especially small and it could only accommodate a live audience of less than ten guys. They sat on or stood in front of cheap plastic patio furniture left over from a few summers ago.

The whole idea was for him to shout at and cock tease the audience in the studio and at home. So simple. It was a big underground sensation.

It was a very late-night show on but once a week–2:00 in the morning on Saturdays. He would sit there and he would challenge any guy in the studio audience to get up on there on the stage with him. That’s where the name of his show came from. The challenge was simple. He invited any guy in the studio audience to get up there on stage and use a small piece of rope supplied free of charge by the show. The challenger was expected to tie the show host up and then fuck him right there on that stage!

Oh, yeah. Like that was going to happen. The whole deal seemed like a total scam.

Yeah, he was there naked, sitting on that sparse set in a television studio. But, no challenger ever tied him up. Nobody ever fucked him.

The only payoff was that the show host would eventually jerk himself off. And this fucker would always shoot one gigantic load each and every week! I could not believe what my own eyes saw. It was like this guy never had an orgasm before. Week after fucking week. He just had so damn much to shoot!

tie me up and fuck me

Man! I loved watching him do that! His big, muscular body would shudder so magnificently during his orgasm. He was absolutely thrilling to watch! Sometimes, his juices hit a lucky member of the audience. This certainly is what reality television was meant to be.

But, I hated him. Every guy who watched him hated him.

Not only because he had such a fantastic body. Not only because he would dare to jerk himself off at two in the morning once a week in front of a live television audience. Not only because he would get away with all of this bullshit.

We all hated him because he never was challenged. Oh sure, once or twice, I watched some guy get up there on that stage with him. The poor dickhead must’ve thought it was gonna be this big thrill to bind some big, muscular guy with crazy blue eyes who is naked on a stage, and then fuck the man right there in front of everyone!

But, it was only a fantasy. The show host was always bigger and always stronger than every single guy who dared to show up on that stage next to him. He sometimes would beat a guy unconscious right there on that stage. Just to be mean. Just because he could. Then, he would masturbate right there on the stage and shoot all over the unconscious dude lying on that stage.

Then I entered his life. My goal was to change everything about this stupid television. Because it needed to be changed. My goal was give the show host what the title asked for.

tie me up and fuck me

I finally got up the nerve. Yeah, I made it to the point where I was ready for this lying sack of shit!

He would not expect someone like me to get up there on that stage. I knew that he would not expect me to challenge him because I was a lot bigger physically than him. He only let guys up there who were lesser than him. That was the show host’s worst-kept secret.

I knew that I was at least his match. He would be difficult. He was muscular and had a lot of pride to defend. He might put up a fight. But, I just knew in my heart and soul that I could take him.

So, one night there I was the studio audience as he got to the point in the show where he started to jerk himself off. He held that wonderfully huge cock of his like he always did.

Just like always, he slowly started getting himself hard. Harder! He started shouting the usual insults at the audience.

tie me up and fuck meI was very patient. I was naked. I waited off stage precisely at the point in the dark where I knew he would never see me standing. I knew that my dark complexion would conceal me in that weak television studio lighting.

So, I waited. I wanted him to get ready to shoot that massive load of his. That was the moment when I planned to rush up onto the stage. He never got the chance to shoot.

Oh, was I was myself! I was gonna give this prick exactly what he wanted. He never saw me until I jumped him on that stage!

tie me up and fuck me

When I had him in a defenseless position, he actually cried out in a surprisingly unmanly voice, “Don’t do this to me.” Like begging me was gonna stop me, you pussy. Wow! The studio audience screamed with delight when they saw me get on top of him. I could hear guys yelling at me, “Go get him! Fuck him!!”

Every guy in the audience–both in the studio and at home–wanted what I wanted. They all wanted to see this cocky bastard taken down a few pegs. He deserved it. He had asked for it, week after week after week.

I was happy to discover that there was nobody to provide security for the show host. He was on his own. I could do whatever I could get away with. That made my erection grow ten times stronger! I nearly destroyed his cheap studio when I attacked him. He could fight back. He did manage to get in one good kick to my nuts, which hurt like I never had hurt there before. But, I would get revenge on him for doing that. I’m a bigger man than him, so I eventually overpowered him. I managed to tie his hands behind his back using rope that was a promotional consideration from Homewood Hardware store on the south side.

tie me up and fuck me

Then, I made him sit there in front of his audience. He was real scared. Nobody had ever seen that look on his face before. Oh yeah, he could imagine what was gonna happen next. But, I have to admit that I respected him for pretending to be brave as he shouted his usual insults at the audience with a manly tone. He stayed in character! He was a real professional.

It was a perfect moment. I had this guy right where I wanted him. I had him where everyone wanted him.

But, then, some observant guy in the audience yelled out, “Hey, this is fake! It”s just bullshit!”

I knew what the guy in the front row meant, of course. The whole show was fake. The whole show was a lie. There was certainly rope. I did tie the show host up. But, everybody expected me to stop there.

That was the moment when I decided that it was up to me to restore the faith of the reality television audience. I decided to prove that this show was no longer untrustworthy.

I spit generously into my hands and rubbed my growing cock to make it slippery as much as possible. Then, I shoved myself deep into him from behind. His knees dug deeply into that cheap red furniture on the pathetic stage. He moaned as he turned to make eye contact with me. His eyes begged me to stop. I just shook my head to indicate “no” and that was when his tears began. That was when the audience started chanting, “Fuck him! Fuck him!! Fuck him!!!”

I pounded his ass to the beat of their chanting. He cried like a baby. I just kept fucking him hard. He was all mine and he knew it. The crowd was shouting their unrestrained approval of me, their new hero.

The show host took everything I could give him as I kept pounded into him without stopping or slowing down. He started to groan. I knew that he was ready. I could feel his spasms squeezing my cock inside of him. It was inevitable that he very soon shot his huge load into the air.

tie me up and fuck me

I kept ramming into him. It felt was fantastic! I thought I was going to pass out from the excitement as I was suddenly shooting into him just after his orgasm started. Our bodies were shuddering together in a beautiful rhythm as if we were one.

tie me up and fuck me

But, it could not last forever. Nothing good ever does. Nothing bad ever does, either. Sometimes you wish you could just keep shooting your load forever. But, you know that you can’t.

I heard the crowd cheering more wildly than before. The show host looked me squarely in the eyes and he said very softly to me, “You didn’t have to do this, man.” The crowd never heard what he said to me.

I just smiled as I untied him, but said nothing. He collapsed semi-conscious to the stage. He was finished. The audience screamed in approval. My cock was still dripping as I stood there in front of them all posing in this stunning moment of victory over fraudulent reality television.

Of course, that night was the very last time that show ever was on cable access television. The poor guy never appeared on television again. Nobody knows where he went.

Neither have I appeared again on television. But, I will always be remembered like an urban legend. I tied up and fucked the show host–just like he had always wanted. He really asked for it. Yeah, and I gave it to him good!

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