American Terrorist in Baghdad

American Terrorist in Baghdad was written and illustrated by me. This comic book style story initially appeared online on my former site named 3D Males as well as on the infamous, which went dead following the suicide of the site’s founder.

As the author, I certainly did not intended for American Terrorist in Baghdad to represent reality or actual people or genuine events in Iraq. Nor was this meant as any kind of political statement on my part. This is surrealism and make-believe only and does not depict actual people.

I envisioned this as a very “cartoonish” story told in a deliberately primitive way as if for youngsters (although it is intended for adults only!) You will note that this is a longer story than most that are told in the comic book style. Instead of the expected five-panel comic book style, American Terrorist in Baghdad uses nine panels.  –Madeira Desouza

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