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Fiction: Tough and Rough Written by Other Writers
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Keywords / Themes:

CAPTURE, TORTURE: take away his freedom and hurt him
CUTTING BALLS, COCKS: take away his manhood
DECAPITATE: take his head off
EATING: take his flesh and body parts as food
HUNG: take his life with a rope around his neck
MILITARY: he preserves, protects, and defends you as a proud warrior
STRANGLE: take his life using your hands around his neck


so the writers learn how you feel about their stories.


Newest stories always appear at the top.
ISIS DAESH imageIf you enjoyed “DAESH (ISIS) Celebration” written by Nullo, you will want to see original 3D art images created by Madeira Desouza that this story inspired.


3 thoughts on “STORYTELLING

  1. The cockiness of the LT telling his brave men to spread their legs for the knife in “Daesh (ISIS) Celebration” by Nullo was hot. I haven’t read all the stories, but I keep coming back to this one. Well done.

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