All of the original illustrations that appear here on this website are digital renders that were created using software that runs on a computer. These original illustrations do not show actual human beings. The illustrations show imaginary–pretend or fake or make-believe–characters that are depicted in fantasy situations and events. As such, the depictions in the illustrations of the imaginary characters cannot and should not be thought to represent any actual human beings.

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The intent of this legal statement is specifically to convey that the imaginary characters which are depicted on this website cannot be characterized as human beings. Nor do the characters have an age because they are not human. They were never born into the physical world. They are the equivalent of cartoon characters.

All of the situations in which the imaginary characters are depicted on this website are pretend or fake or make-believe. This specifically means that what you perceive as taking place in the original illustrations is completely imaginary and not intended to condone or encourage any particular actions or outcomes regarding actual people who live in our physical world. Specifically, the original illustrations on this website do not attempt to represent genuine physical world situations or outcomes whatsoever. Nor do the original illustrations represent genuine human behaviors or emotions.

One final warning: All that you see when you view this website is 100% pretend or fake or make-believe. Moreover, all that you interpret when you view the illustrations on this website is completely imaginary and it is happening in your mind only. If you are unable to differentiate between fantasy and reality, you need immediate psychological treatment because you may be a danger to yourself and to others.

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