Men in Groups

Whenever men are together in groups greater in number than three, this can lead to exciting experiences or risky experiences or both kinds of experiences together in one setting.

Male bara characters

Bunkhouse trouble -- Cowboys cause trouble at night when they have nothing to do and get bored

PLaytime for spacemen

Making new friends in jail

Surreal illustration of the outcome of a cowboy vendetta. This image provides many opportunities for you to explore the appeal of highly masculine cowboys.

When I first created this image, I started with the three black guys grouped together in the background threatening a black character in the foreground.Ê My intent was for them to represent an urban threat.Ê I did not intend to create an all black cast.Ê One visitor emailed me and suggested there would be a higher erotic value have the guy in the foreground be white.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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