Sunny Day Hanging


“Sunny Day Hanging” shows the unforgettable view from below looking upward at the final moments of a doomed young man.

Those of you who follow my explorations of the hanged man theme will be interested to learn this: My time travel adventure novel with the hanged man theme now includes fully explicit illustrations. It is available completely free of charge for downloading with no obligation at my website right now.

I depict mondo macho males (such as bodybuilders, cowboys and soldiers) using narrative themes that have been at the heart of the visual works of Bondageskin, Etienne, Greasetank, Hasegawa, Tagame, Tom of Finland, Ulf, and many others. .

The stories and illustrations that I produce are within a USA version of the bara genre–a Japanese word that pertains to gay male same-sex feelings and sexuality identity towards masculine men with varying degrees of muscle, violence, and exploitation.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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