Explore Six Fantasy Storytelling Themes

Here I explore six fantasy themes that I use in my original illustrations and stories: (See original illustrations of mine that exemplify each theme.)

A man can derive pleasure from interacting sexually with a younger man. This is controversial, especially in the context of unwanted sexual advances in which younger men are taken advantage of. But, in fantasy situations, where there is no actual taking advantage of anyone, age play can be the starting point for exciting fantasy escape–especially when this becomes a group activity. The center of the pleasure in this theme can often by how the younger man is completely surprised by how skillfully the older man can sexually satisfy him.

When gay men choose to delve into master/slave play, one many takes on the dominant role over the other. This can involve one man who is serviced by two others. This kind of role play can involve using restraints so that the submissive man feels the fantasy more deeply. Arousal for both players can be amplified by bondage devices or other sex toys.

"Cock and Ball Torture"
Contrary to myth, this does not involve actual cock and ball torture. There is no genuine torture–only pretending–but can involve electrical shock applied to areas where there is an immediate and uncontrollable reaction. This theme often is one part of some of the other themes that are explored in this post.

In prison or kidnap play, things get a little more elaborate. This is a fantasy in which a man is confined in a prison or paramilitary situation, or, a man has been kidnapped and is held against his will. This theme also usually involves other themes that are explored in this post.

A controversial theme, rape play does not involve actual unwanted sex–only pretending. Again, this theme usually is employed in the other themes that are explored in this post.

Perhaps the most controversial of all is execution play, which involves pretending to take the life of another. This theme celebrates the imbalance of power that one man has over another rather than the actual taking of another man’s life. Again, this theme usually is employed in the other themes that are explored in this post.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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