Neck Pain

A young man keeps his quarterly appointment to see his medical doctor, but catches Doc off guard by saying to him: “I feel like something’s wrong. I get an erection whenever I think about hangings.”

Doc responds with, “Tell me more so I can help you. This is a new one for me.”

“Well, Doc,” the young man explains, “I feel sexually aroused when I imagine a guy being hanged by the neck until dead. You know, like in the cowboy movies.”

Doc says, “How long has this been going on?”

“Since I was a teenager,” the young man responds. “I sometimes masturbate while fantasizing that I am watching a naked guy hanged at the gallows in the Wild West days.”

Doc says, “This seems harmless enough to me. You are not actually hurting yourself or anybody else, physically, right?”

“No, of course not,” the young man replies with a look of annoyance at the doctor.

Realizing that he has succeeded in annoying his patient, Doc says, “Let me show you some images. I’m going to turn on my laptop here.” Doc switches on his laptop and projector. Suddenly, a large image appears projected onto one of the bright white walls of the doctor’s examination room. Since you are eavesdropping on this conversation, you may as well look here at the image the doctor chose to show his patient:

The young man’s eyes open wide suddenly. “Jesus, Doc, where did you get this?”

Doc says, “Private collection. Just tell me what you see in the image up there. Describe for me what you see there, okay?”

“Is this part of my examination today, Doc?” the young man wants to know.

“Of course,” Doc says. “Tell me what you see on the wall.”

The young man looks embarrassed, but says: “Okay, I see one naked guy on top of a chair. Arms bound behind his back. Neck in a noose. Hard cock. He’s helpless. The other naked guy–also sporting a big, thick cock. He’s kicking the chair from behind. Guy’s gonna fall off the chair and, well–.”

“Don’t stop,” says Doc. “What else?”

“Guy’s neck will be snapped. He’ll die. Very quickly.”

“Yes,” Doc says. “Very good. Very accurate. Tell me something: Why do both of the naked men in the illustration have erections? Why do you think they have erections?”

“How should I know, Doc. I don’t understand what you want,” the young man replies slowly. “Is this a trick question?”

“Not a trick question,” Doc says. “Let me show you a second image up there projected onto the wall to help you answer, okay? Look at the second image and you just tell me what you see.” Doc pushes a key on his laptop and changes the projected image to this one:

execution ritual

“Shit, Doc,” the young man says quickly. “Some kind of execution ritual, I guess. Guy gets fucked before being hung. Milked so he shoots his juices. Balls are getting cut off. Then, he’s gonna hang slowly.” The young man, who is seated on the examination table with his clothes on, reaches down and feels his own crotch as he starts to breathe much faster now.

Doc notices what is happening. He’s a medical professional, of course. He would notice such things. “Why are you touching yourself right now? Touching your groin area.”

Defenseless, the young man answers: “I’m ashamed. I’m getting an erection as I sit here, Doc.”

“Exactly,” Doc says. “Perfectly normal response. No need to feel shame. That’s my professional medical opinion in case you’re wondering.” Doc pushes another key on his laptop and changes the image on the wall once again:

The young man exhales quickly. “I’m hard as ever, Doc,” he says. “Guys getting milked before getting hung. I feel like I need to shoot my load, Doc.”

The doctor says: “Use that box of tissue paper that is right there. I will leave the examination room. I want you to follow my instructions, okay?”

The young man shakes his head to indicate “yes” to the doctor. The young man asks Doc quietly, “You want a sample of my DNA? My ejaculation?”

“No,” says Doc. “That’s not how we get DNA samples. Just get yourself off while you’re looking at this image on the wall. Clean up after your orgasm using those tissues right there.”

“Why do you want me to do this?” the young man asks. “Shoot my load here? Is that what you want me to do?”

Doc responds: “Exactly. You are a healthy young man. No problems here as far as I can see today. Nothing wrong with you. This is my prescription for you today: The very best treatment for your neck pain.”

Author: Madeira Desouza

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