She Owns My Balls

she owns my balls

I posted this on Facebook on October 8, 2011. Apparently, I felt psychic vibes that Kris Humphries was not going to be married too long to Kim Kardashian.

I created this photo montage entitled “She Owns My Balls!” This celebrated the reality that this hot, macho athlete had let a woman own his testicles. The introductory text I wrote was: “Tune in again to our next episode when Kris Humphries realizes–too late–the cost of his choice to marry…”

she owns my balls

Kris finally got away from Kim a mere 72 days after their ill-fated marriage. Presumably, Kris retained his testicles and recovered ownership thereto. Then, he was totally forgotten once we stepped out of the spotlight surrounding the Kardashians.

Author: Madeira Desouza

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