Known as Desouza of Vegas -- gay male storyteller and artist

Madeira Desouza's Bio:

Las Vegas creator of llustrated stories intended for gay adult males.

Science fiction time travel adventure Mysteries of the Moon Men Deep Inside is one example of his work. 

Desouza of Vegas presents digital art targeted to the gay adult male audience at

His works depict macho males such as bodybuilders, cowboys and soldiers in themes that gay adult men find appealing. Compared to the visual works of artists Bondageskin, Etienne, Greasetank, Hasegawa, Tagame, Tom of Finland, Ulf, and others.

Here is an example of what Desouza of Vegas creates: 

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The stories and illustrations that he produces are within a United States version of bara, a Japanese word. Bara genre is known to be sometimes violent and exploitative and is not about gay romance or romantic love between two men.





Madeira Desouza's Interests & Activities:

Bara genre; Las Vegas; gay science fiction; digital illustration software DAZ 3D; science fiction in print, film, television